DAN SKAN stoves can be personalised to your taste.

Not only can you purchase our stoves with the classic steel look (side panels of grey or black steel),but also with ceramics andnatural stones. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse range of  possibilities and customise your very own DAN SKAN stove!


By adding a cover made from one of our high quality ceramics you can transform your stove from a convection steel stove to a soft and gentle radiant stove.



Natural Stones 

Exclusive stove covers of natural stones can be crafted by special order, such as the sandstones ‘Golden Earth’ or ‘Eifel’, Basalt-Lava stone, the beautiful off-white Milos stone, the exquisite Oak-stone and the traditional Soapstone.

DAN SKAN stoves can easily be converted into ‘energy and heat saving stoves‘ by adding one of our natural stone options including traditional Soapstone. Our superior Finnish Soapstone has been tested for purity by the Rosenheimer Institute in Germany to ensure that is free of asbestos.

An additional advantage of DAN SKAN is that should your taste change over the years so too can your DAN SKAN stove! The simple-to-fit panels and top plates make it very easy to dramatically change the look of your stove to match your living room’s current colour scheme. You can also change a steel panel stove to an efficient ‘energy saving’ stove at a later date.