ModellEN-kWkW -min/-maxH/B/THT/HBGS kgGK kgGSP kgøR mmg/sT C°øPaøminP/F mgCO %CO gEFF. %KL C°AIR-BOX
LOGO 52 - 7112/54/45107,5/-1401752401505,328012150< 26<0,070,87~ 80< 50DIBt
SIRIO 63-8120/59/48112/1031401752501505,129612150< 25<0,090,71> 80< 65DIBt
TOPO 63 - 8112/57/45108/981502102451509,527012150< 29<0,091,12~ 80< 50A+B
RONDO NH 83-10120/62/52116/10618024031015010,527012150< 29<0,090,87> 80< 50A+B
DANOS 120 52 - 7120/52/46116/-1401752401504,523012150< 20<0,070,87> 82< 50DIBt
MODUS 120 52 - 7120/52/46116/-1351482011504,426012150< 23<0,101,20> 84< 50DIBt
NURO 100 52 - 7101/51/5193,5/-1351551751505,328012150< 26<0,070,87> 80< 50DIBt
NURO 120 52 - 7119/51/51110,5/-1451651851505,328012150< 26<0,070,87> 80< 50DIBt
NURO 160 52 - 7160/51/51110,5/1271701902101504,727512150< 24<0,060,75> 82< 50DIBt
ORBIT 63 - 8120/62/49112/1031401752501505,129612150< 25<0,090,71> 80< 65DIBt
VECTO 63 - 8116/56/45109/991401702001505,129612150< 25<0,090,71> 80< 65DIBt

Technical modifications and errors excepted.


WITH DAN SKAN AUTOMATIC = Intelligent combustion

All DAN SKAN stoves are tested in approved independent testing laboratories where they are scrutinised for function and safety. All test results are significantly better than the requirements of

international limits and standards. For example, regarding fine particles pollution (P/F), our results are more than 25% less than the minimum values required in the strict German BImschV, Stage II tests. The achievable efficiency of all DAN SKAN stoves – when used correctly – is between 80 and 90%.


Tests passed include the European standard CE test DIN EN 13240 certification programme, DIN Plus and the strict air pollution criteria for German cities including Munich and historic Regensburg as well as the previously mentioned German BImschV, Stage II. Others include tests for Austrian and Swiss standards.


DAN SKAN stove are ready to be used with 100% external combustion air supply, if needed. The original EX-AIR-1 system, with connection from the external air and the air in the room, enables pressure equalisation in the room where the stove is installed. The EX-AIR-2 system enables pre-heated combustion air through the DAN SKAN patented AIRBOX (see pages 72 and 73).


Chimney systems with an inner diameter of 180 mm or more and less than 5 metres effective height could cause problems with the safe and efficient operation of your stove. Larger diameters cool the flue gases and provide insufficient draught and could cause smoke to enter the room. Smaller diameters and stack heights of 6 metres and over are strongly recommended.