Design and Quality

It is only with an interplay of both design and quality that timeless, beautiful and useful products can be created. DAN SKAN is synonymous with both.

What is a beautiful stove worth, if it does not deliver heat efficiently?
At DAN SKAN we know from long experience exactly what our customers want, and this inspires the design and development of our products. Thanks to our automatic air regulation DAN SKAN stoves achieve quality and efficiency day-in and day-out which other stoves are only able to fulfill in test environments.
DAN SKAN has been delivering outstanding quality, design and experience since 1972. Our expertise and our understanding of the materials we use and their properties allows us to offer you a long-lasting, highly efficient product which has been designed to provide you with many years of pleasure.


architects Gerd and Heiko Heybey

Explanations for techniques and symbols



Intelligent, fully automatic system: primary, secondary, and tertiary air

The new design line by DAN SKAN distinguishes itself by further developing the tried and tested DAN SKAN patented automatic air system. A mechanical bimetal spring (not requiring any battery or power) not only regulates the post-combustion air but also controls the whole burning process. This means the user does not need to adjust anything, the stove regulates itself!

Classic Automatic Teriary Air

Thanks to the bimetal-controlled automatic tertiary air system which has been tried and tested for over 20 years, all DAN SKAN stoves have self-regulating post-combustion airflow. Because of this the levels of fine particles tested by the EN are well below the norm for the BImSchV II. Low emission burning of DAN SKAN stoves has always been our contribution to protecting the environment.


Dan Skan® Smartcontrol™ 

A world‘s first: computer automatically controlled combustion with oxygen, smoke / gas and room temperature sensors. Easier to control, cleaner-burning and more efficient than any other stove! Your stove programmed for your convenience and benefit!


Connection for external or direct air intake

This, in combination with the patented automatic system, is a real DAN SKAN invention. Strategically placed at the back of the fire chamber, the AIRBOX uses the heat from combustion to pre-heat the external air. At the same time the AIRBOX is used as a connection for external air supply which can now be closed on all DIBt (a stringent German compliance scheme) tested models.



Where there is an adverse weather condition, poor flue draught or difficult to light wood, our new ‘Boost technology’ will safely deliver extra combustion air to the fire chamberwithout having to open the stove door.

saubere scheiben  

Hot purge air for exceptionally clean windows

The special air wash system for the glass (secondary air) is pre-heated very intensively in special channels directly over the burning chamber. A DAN SKAN invention, which prevents soot particles getting on to the glass as much as possible.


Self-closing, tightening door latch

The DAN SKAN door mechanism safely and securely seals the stove door to the stove bodywork in a simular way to a modern car door.


‘Cool hand‘ door handle

The door handles stay cool enough to be opened without protective gloves even after the stove has been in use for a long time.


Optional heat storage elements

Additional heat storage can be placed directly above the burning chamber. This means even a steel stove can be turned into an energy saving stove and ‘heat saving stove’


Optional rear flue connection

The new stoves with this symbol can also be connected to the chimney at the rear.


Glass font hearth plates available

These offer many advantages over the normal plates, such as being easy to lift up for cleaning. They can be easily stored in summer and also look elegant (subject to local building regulations).


Turntable plate available

For these models a turntable plate is available. It can also be added at a later stage and comes as a set complete with a flue adaptor.