Your in your home

1. Step 

Choose your desired stove option and then select a suitable perspective



Step 2

Place the stove in the picture below by clicking on ‘Step 2‘. You can now change the stove, scale it and move it into the right position with your mouse

Step 3

Choose one of our backround photographs or up-load your own picture and place your chosen Dan Skan stove within it by using the mouse

Step 4

Create stove picture. Click on ‘Step 4‘ to get a big picture, which you can then save this to your computer using the right button of your mouse and print it

Upload your own picture
Milieu_DanSkan_1.jpg Milieu_DanSkan_2.jpg Milieu_DanSkan_3.jpg Milieu_DanSkan_4.jpg

‘The stove of your choice is now ready for your own home‘

Would you like to see how your DAN SKAN stove would look in your home?

Follow these simple steps

1. Select the DAN SKAN stove with your choice of options

2. Place the stove within the picture

3. Upload your own picture or choose one of our room sets

4. Place and scale it for the most realistic effect

5. ‘Save‘ the picture on your computer and print it


We wish you a lot of joy and pleasure with your new DAN SKAN stove!